Facilities and Operations Highlights (July 2021)



With a new vision on efficient operations, services, processes, and a healthier work environment in diverse aspects, the team has been planning, organizing and directing the maintenance, executing repairs, renovating buildings and grounds. Following efficient operation and managerial project management best practices, the Facilities and Operations Team has been very successful in the last couple of months. Some of the Highlights of the Team are the active participation on the AO Salvage Survey Committee, where a key support has been provided identifying, collecting and creating the inventory of the equipment and significant debris resulted from the collapse of the radiotelescope that will served Science, STEM students and SVC future visitors; the advancement on the HF Project; the overall site upkeeps that responds to the environment, health and spirit of each of the AO Staff.

Operations Support

It is key to oversee each of the areas that support the entire operation at Arecibo. The necessary support has been rapidly provided and contracts and agreements has been completed as required. Procedures to improve the daily operation of the site have been created. All can be found at: https://www.naic.edu/ao/aostaff-portal
Feel free to visit, these resources are for you.

Engineering & Electronics

The HF Project has been moving on an accelerated rhythm accomplishing in record time the relocation of the antenna towers for 5.1MHz configuration, reconstructing the dipoles and constructing and installing the baluns. AO will start testing soon!

Site Maintenance

Bldg #2 - 3rd Floor: Co-working Space

Bldg #2 - 3rd Floor: Hallway

Our maintenance Team, with a lot of enthusiasm, is keeping and maintaining the AO site in optimal conditions for each of the staff, scientists, students and visitors for the benefit of Science. A bold new vision from the Management Team (MT) on collaborative workplace has been implemented on site. This new era of collaborative workplaces is revolutionizing the way we imagine our work spaces at AO. This type of space, fosters collaborative learning among our scientist and staff and encourages group brainstorming between our diverse staff.

Web post written by Olga Figueroa

Arecibo Media Contact
Ricardo Correa
Universidad Ana G. Méndez (UAGM)
787-878-2612 ext. 615

Director of Facilities & Operations
Olga Figueroa
Yang Enterprises / Arecibo Observatory

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