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What's happening at the AO?


The University of Central Florida today delivered engineering options to address the Arecibo Observatory to the National Science Foundation. UCF manages the facility under a cooperative agreement with Universidad Ana G. Méndez and Yang Enterprises Inc. for NSF. A main cable failed at AO about 7:30 pm on Nov. 6. Safety remains the team’s primary concern, so a safety zone has been set up around the reflector dish and only personnel needed to respond to the incident are allowed onsite. + Read More

Space & Atmospheric Sciences

Even before the newest AO facility is complete, students and scientists are already hard at work on the relevant science projects. The Culebra Aerosol Research Lidar (CARLA) facility, which began construction in March of 2020, will be used to track aerosols in the atmosphere. Of particular importance is the study of the Saharan dust in the air, which affects air quality and hurricane formation in the Atlantic and Greater Caribbean region. June 2020 saw a uniquely strong dust plume event, causing noticeably dimmer skies as far west as Texas. + Read More


The third semester of the AO STEAM Teaching at ARecibo (STAR) Academy kicked off on Saturday, August 29th, 2020. The 16-week program is for high school students from across the island of Puerto Rico, designed to develop problem solving and research skills while building a strong foundational understanding of math, science, physics, and engineering, with a focus on planetary radar science. + Read More