2 minute on/offs with a few galaxies


    The new jeff mock spectrometer (pdev) was tested on 23jan07.  One  of the spectrometer boxes was used. The mixers feeding the spectrometer are a temporary set (the final mixers will have better rejection, balance, etc..)

    The 2 minutes of data were averaged and the on/off -1 was computed. For each galaxy the plots show:

  1. Top plot: (on/off -1) blown up around the frequency of the galaxy. The  vertical scale is in units of Tsys (this is about 3 Jy for alfa). The black and red traces are polA and polB. They have been offset for plotting purposes (the dashed black line is there 0 point). The blue line is the average of polA and pol B. It is 0 based.
  2. center plot: the averaged on source bandpass for the two minutes. Black is polA, red is polB, green is stokes U, and blue is stokes V (there has been no corrections to the stokes parameters).
  3. Bottom plot: This is ON/OFF -1 for the entire band. PolA is black while polB is red (polB is offset for plotting purposes). The vertical scale is in units of Tsys (about 3 jy). 100 channels (2 Mhz) have been discarded at the edge of each 170 Mhz band (where the band passes fall off to 0).
The plots:
processing: x101/070123/pdevgal.pro



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