If2 noise source test


    The downstairs iflo has  a noise source than can be used to inject power into the downstairs iflo system.  On 26jan06 this noise source was used to feed the pdev spectrometer (pdevS0). The setup was: The data set taken were: The sections contain:
  • Spectral average of 3600 seconds showing Birdies in the bandpass.
  • Total power stability.


    Spectral average of 3600 seconds.

    3600 sec average of 1 second spectra shows any birdies (.ps) (.pdf)

    Total power stability:

        The total power was computed for each time sample for the 1 millisecond and 1 second data sets. The average spectra over each data set was computed and then used to normalize each spectra before computing the total power. 200 Khz about Dc was excluded from the total power.

        The plots show the total power results (.ps)  (.pdf):

    processing: x101/070126/cmptp.pro plottpRms,plotTpSpc1ms.pro,plotTpSpc1sec.pro



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