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.pdev file format

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The mock/pdev spectrometer software can output 3 different file format: aofits, psrfits, and jeff mocks .pdev format. This page descibes the .pdev file format. It can hold integrated spectra or time domain voltage samples.
A more thorough description of the pdev spectrometer can be found in jeff mocks pdev users guide (.pdf)

File layout: (top)

header layout  (top)

Spectral data layout: (top)

TimeDomainData: (top)

    Time domain data is stored as:

File naming conventions  (top)

The files are named:
nnnn.yyyymmdd.bXs1gZ.sssss.pdev   etc. p1231.20080311.b0s1g0.00100.pdev

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History:   (top)

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